“BRADY’s company culture is defined by our genuine concern for people and the world in which we live. Our strategic growth within the environmental market segment was designed to meet the emergent needs of our society and our planet.”

Our experience with water-related engineering, environmental issues, and regulatory programs (including CERCLA, RCRA, and UST) provided a solid foundation as our focus increased to encompass a broader range of innovative solutions to environmental issues. Our design/build experience in the construction industry provides a real-world, performance-based complement to the environmental solutions provided to our clients.  This experience enables us to work in close collaboration with construction teams, interfacing with regulatory agencies as appropriate, to ensure compliance with applicable regulations governing stormwater and waste handling, characterization and disposal.
Our market discriminator is our performance in expediting site cleanup and closure. This philosophy is ingrained in every BRADY employee and teaming partner. Whether the project involves site investigation, compliance, studies, remedial action, operations and maintenance or monitoring, BRADY will and chart the most resource-efficient path to quickly and effectively protecting human health and the environment.
The environmental industry is filled with firms that are focused on perpetuating the status quo. For them, it is all about billable hours and maximizing shareholder profits. This philosophy diminishes the importance of rapid site cleanup and closure and creates corporate bureaucracies that are conflicted from providing meaningful solutions.

As a matter of principle, our company culture requires that we endeavor to solve problems as opposed to prolonging them. Our success is measured by our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients by protecting human health and the environment. We offer world-class solutions with the agility and persona of a small firm.

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