What We Do


Our mission is to provide the highest level of client service in our industry today. To accomplish this goal we strive to perform beyond: beyond the norm, beyond client expectations, and beyond industry standards. Our Full Spectrum Approach involves the early partnering of key project stakeholders, thus reducing the likelihood of surprises while ensuring timely, cost-effective project completion. It is a formula for success that has served our clients well for many years. 
We have a broad base of customers, which includes commercial, municipal, local, state and federal government clientele, each having unique requirements. Over the years we have demonstrated the ability to adapt to these unique requirements, while gaining proficiency over a variety of site conditions, procedures, protocols, standards and codes. We compete head-to-head with industry giants while maintaining a moderate share of the market. We offer “big company” capabilities while maintaining the agility and persona of a small firm.


We are an Engineering, Construction and Environmental firm providing a wide array of services through our primary market segments. We cover the following markets: Water, Wastewater, & Water Resources, Facilities & Infrastructure, Environmental, Power, & Federal. We invite you to explore our different market segments. 


From the beginning, Brady set out to provide exceptional service paired with employing top-notch seasoned design and engineering professionals. Through Professional Engineering, Construction, and Facilities & Support, we are able to provide a wide array of knowledge and experience to our projects to better service your needs.


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